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Kushtia DC urges to follow the rules

Published on: June 1st, 2020 3:02 PM

The KT Correspondent/

Kushtia Deputy Commissioner Aslam Hossain once again urged everyone to follow all the rules consciously. He made this call to the people of Kushtia in the wake of the official announcement of opening everything with limited activities from today (June 1).

He said the people of Kushtia have already dealt with the situation very consciously. He called on everyone to come forward. He said that everyone should be a participant in this crisis of the nation.

The deputy commissioner said the Kushtia district administration has deployed all its strength and strategy to tackle the situation. Everyone in the administration is relentlessly working. Everything will be done when necessary. It is on continue and it will be still the last as needed.

He said several instructions have already been issued on the deputy commissioner’s Facebook page on June 1. 

He called all to abide those.

He said it is very risky to walk outside without a mask and it should be avoided.

He says the best way is to follow the law rather than face the law.


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