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Dr. Amanur Aman

Published on: June 17th, 2014 9:58 PM

Personal details
1. Dr. Amanur Aman, (Dr. Amanur Rahman) 1, 2 is a man of quite few achievements. He is a researcher, writer, journalist, columnist and a poet. His areas of research specialisation include politics, development, governance, women leadership and empowerment and decentralised governance. He has been also working in different fields of arts, literature and culture.

2. Aman had his Honours and Masters on Politics and Public Administration from Islamic University (IU), Kushtia. He completed M, Phil (Masters of Philosophy) 3 degree under the Department of Politics and Public Administration at IU. He carried out PhD (Doctors of Philosophy) 4 degree under the Department of Political Science at the University of North Bengal, Darjeeling, India. In present, he is on preparation for Post-Doctoral Degree.

3. Dr. Aman is in service at Islamic University, Kushtia.

4. Involvement with journalistic working as a passion has given extra dimension to Dr. Aman’s career. He has a long and attractive working in the field of journalism. He kept his footstep in the world of journalism through now defunct national Bangla daily Dainik Bhore 5 during his study at college level in 1991. After admission into the university, he joined to another presently obsolete popular Dhaka based Bangla daily ‘Dainik Ajker Kagoj 6 and worked during the period of 1991 to 1999. He was also News Editor Kushtia based local Bangla daily ‘Dainik Bazrapat 7 during 1997 to 1998. He joined as News Editor to Kushtia based popular Bangla daily ‘Dainik Kushtia’ 8 in 1997. He worked with Dhaka based national daily ‘Dainik Sangbad’ 9 during the period of 1999 to 2001. He was also correspondent and columnist of weekly Sikhyabichitra 10 and Khoborer Kagoj. 11
Aman also one of the founders of Islamic University Press Club and elected general secretary during the period of—————. 12
He also served as president of Kushtia Reporters Unity during the period of 2005-2007. 13

Publication of newspapers
Dr. Aman is owner of Kushtia based much circulated and modern outlook oriented Bangla daily newspaper ‘The Dainik Kushtia’( 14 and English newspaper weekly ‘The Kushtia Times.’ 15 The former has been in circulation for long 28 years, while the latter is in its 10th year of publication. The Kushtia Times is only English newspaper in Khulna division with print and online edition.
In present Dr. Aman has been working with Dhaka based daily English newspaper ‘The Daily star’ ( for last 14 years.

Social work
Dr. Aman is involved in a large scale of social, cultural and philanthropic activities. His most famous work is founding an organisation named Mollah Foundation 17 after the name of his father Shamsuddin Mollah. The foundation is approved by the government. The foundation has been nursing around 800 rural poor students providing their round the year expenses including school fees. He was involved with a number of GO-NGOs, organisations/institutions holding key posts. Such the activities are also under process.
(List of his involvement with other activities will be enclosed in later because it is quite simply enlarge.)

Language proficiency
Aman has proficiency in four languages—-Bangla, English and Hindi.

Dr. Aman is author of Sixteen books——Twelve of them on research in English language and the rest are in Bangla language 18, 19. A number of articles on various issues writing in English and Bangla have been published in different journals and newspapers 20 in and around the world.

Aman has been awarded by different organisations/institutions as recognition of his working. He was ‘Best Journalist of the Year’ by The Daily Star in 2005. International Labour Organisation (ILO) awarded Aman with Crest for his outstanding writings on child labour in tobacco factories in the region in 2005. Later, two local NGOs SETU and Bangladesh Trade Union Kendra (BTUK) gave reception and honoured him with Crest on the same issue in 2005.

1. Amanur Rahman is his embedded name, while Aman is nick name and Amanur Aman styled as name by himself.
2. He used the name Amanur Aman in a large purposes including his writings carrier.
3. The title of the thesis was : Development of Leadership At Local Level In Bangladesh.” It was an empirical study on prospect of development of leadership at local level in the country based on Union Parishad, the lowest unit of local government in Bangladesh. The research objective was to identify and focus the leadership nature, position, scope, problems and importance in social matrix.
4. Aman’s PhD thesis “Women Leadership in Decentralised Governance and Rural Development” was also an empirical study. The study mainly focused the emerging patters of women leadership at local level based on the decentralised governance along with assessing their role in the process of rural development in Bangladesh. The research also cynosure on the possibility and potentiality of women leadership in the process of decision-making and execution of rural development programme as well as the problems that confront the women leadership in the task of rural development. It also identified the base of this leadership——its nature, position, behavious, business, problems and prospect.
5. A Dhaka based Bangla daily newspaper published in 1991.
6. A well-known Bengali-language newspaper published in the modern approach between 1991-2007.
7. A Kushtia based Bangla daily published in 1997.
8. A Kushtia based most popular Bangla daily published in 1992.
9. A 60-year old Dhaka based Bangla daily newspaper.
10. An education based weekly magazine published in 2000.
11. A weekend Bangla news analytical magazine published from now defunct Ajker Kagoj house.
12. The Islamic University Press Club was established in 1993. The club is housed of the journalists working as university correspondent of different print and electronics media. The correspondents are students of the university.
13. The Kushtia Reporters Unity was established in 2003 in Kushtia.
14. The newspaper went in publication in 1992 under the ownership of Saifullah Khaled. Dr. Aman bought the ownership in 2010.
15. The Kushtia Times, the only English weekly newspaper in Khulna division began to publish in 2010 under the ownership of Dr. Aman. It maintains online edition with its print edition.
16. It is the highest circulated English daily newspaper in Basngladesh. Based in Dhaka, it was published in 1992.
17. The foundation was established at Ramanathpur village in Khoksa upazila in Kushtia district in 2005. The foundation runs its activities at school level of the upazila. It provides round the year expenses including school fees of around 800 students at 10 remote villages in the upazila.
18.. The books written by him are : (2014)
a) Development of Leadership at Local Level in Bangladesh
b) Women Leadership in decentralised Governance in Bangladesh
c) Role of women leadership in Rural Development in Bangladesh
d) Enlightened Soul : In search of Kangal Legacy
19. a) Bhabshyshiya Sakal
b) Tomar Rupali Din

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