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Kushtia administration to vigil on inter-district routes 

Published on: May 28th, 2020 11:09 PM


The KT Correspondent//

The ban on inter-district movement is still in force though the offices have opened in limited compass from 1 June.

The Kushtia district administration that that all inter-district routes in Kushtia will closely be monitored in this regard.

The government notification said that the movement of people from one district to other will be strictly regulated during the ban. There will be check posts at the entrances and exits of each district. The district administration will implement this control carefully with the help of law and order forces.

The notification further said that people must stay indoors during the ban to prevent the spread of corona virus. No one can come out of the house from 8 pm to 8 am except in case of urgent need (buying and selling necessities, commuting to work, buying medicines, medical services, burial / burial etc.).
However, in all cases, all have to follow other hygiene rules including wearing mask while going out. Otherwise, legal action will have to be taken against those who disobey the instructions.

Kushtia Deputy Commissioner Aslam Hossain said all measures would be taken to implement every directive of the official notification. He says corona control is not really the job of the government or anyone alone. Its for everyone now. If we all follow the rules and regulations, then it is possible for everyone.

He again urged the people of Kushtia to follow the rules. He too urges traders to conduct business properly following the rules.

Superintendent of Police in Kushtia SM Tanvir Arafath PPM (Bar) said we are all at the same risk. So, it is absolutely unreasonable for someone to insist on following the rules and then for someone to obey the rules.

He said the police would remain steadfast in carrying out their duties in spite of any obstacles.

The Superintendent of Police also urged everyone to be aware.

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