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SSC result through SMS on card, says Jashore board

Published on: May 28th, 2020 11:26 PM

The KT Correspondent
The result of Secondary School Certificate (SSC) exams results will be sent through mobile SMS. At the same time it will be available on the education boards’ own websites. No chance gathering at schools when the result will be published.  Strict instructions are being given to all educational institutions in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Jashore Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education has about to prepared all process to deliver the results directly on mobile.

Parents of about 1 lakh 82 thousand SSC candidates from 10 districts under the Board will get the results on their mobile phones at home free of cost. To this end, the Board of Education has collected the mobile numbers of the parents through the heads of their own educational institutions.
Jashore Board of Secondary and Higher Secondary Education Chairman. Mollah Amir Hossain said the work of preparing the results is going on.
Jashore Board Examinations Controller Madhab Chandra Rudra said letters have been sent digitally to the heads of 2,521 educational institutions under the board. They are ready too.
So far, 8,12,750 students across the country have pre-registered to get the results of the exam through mobile SMS. Next Sunday (May 31) is the scheduled date for the release of SSC and equivalent examination results.
This information is known from the Inter-Education Board Coordination Sub-Committee. Pre-registration can be done till 12 midnight on May 29 to get results through mobile SMS. There are two more days left. Those who will register will get the result with GPA grade through the server on the mobile number given to them after the results are published.
However, according to the board sources, even if they do not come under registration, there will be no problem in getting the results of the examination. After the publication of the results, the results can be collected from the website of the Self-Education Board.
It is expected that Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will release the results and statistics of the examination through video conference from Ganobhaban on May 31 at 10 am.


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