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Bank official’s body recovered, screaming at family, shocked bride

Published on: May 29th, 2020 11:34 AM

The KT Correspondent/

The dead body of bank official Rafsanul Haque found after 13 hours he went missing. Locals found the body at a downstream spot of Gorai at about 8:am on Friday (May 29).
His body was found floating. 

Son of late Rezaul Haque of Thanapara in the town, Rafsan was working as a cashier in Ishwardi branch of Mutual Trust Bank. He came home during Eid holidays.Meanwhile, mourning is going on in Rafsan’s house. As soon as the body was found in the morning, there was a flood of tragedy. The bride of the house is absolutely shocked by the pain and grief. The girl came to this house exactly 26 days ago with her husband. But he is now not there. He has become a stone. He is not talking to anyone. There may not be any message to make her console.

The incident took place at 1.30 pm on Thursday (May 26) in the Gorai river near the town’s Ghora ghat area. Local fire service personnel and divers from Khulna failed to rescue him during the day. 

They said it was difficult to understand the new currents in the river. In the evening, when the diving team suspended the rescue operation, it was with Golam Mostafa, the officer-in-charge of Kushtia Model Police Station. He said at the time that he did not see any hope of ray of rescuing the man in alive.

According to witnesses and locals, Rafsan took his five friends including Hasibur Rashid Tamim, Biswajit, Faisal and Abdur Rashid and went to bath in the river.
They were taking bath together.

When Tamim and Rafsan went to a little deeper in the river, they both drowned. Hearing their screams, the local fishermen dragged Tamim ashore but Rafsan could not find.

Friend Hasibur Rashid Tamim said that Rafsan and he were together. The rest were in a little less water. Suddenly the soles of their feet moved. He and Rafsan drowned as they did not know how to swim. 

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