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Be global, learn global language and act globally

Published on: May 29th, 2020 2:18 PM

Amanur Aman

Giving publication of a newspaper is a crucial struggle; the matter is more vital to continue the publication; while earning readers favour is tough than the duo. My little experience in this arena says it. The concern overpowers on all said for when the publication is in English. No doubt it may be a toilsome factor to catch the reader’s attraction due to language. But we question “Is language the only ‘factor’ in this regard?” We think ‘No’ as well as should not. Let us say, by 2010, this world will be forced to unlearn what have been pretty good till 20th century. At the same time, people will have to learn things which will not be available in regional languages (mother tongue). The updated knowledge and wisdom will not be available in any language other than English. This is a caution to all the non-English speaking people across the world, a research reveals it. So whatever the ‘factor’, we must feel the situation when we have to go first to ride on the century. We are also concerned about our children, the nation builders in future going to schools-colleges-universities. We have to rescue them and build them up so that they can easily enter into challenge of the century. Nobody can deny that English is now a true Esperanto, the actual universal language. All important things in the world are in English. Those who grow up speaking English can be understood almost everywhere in the world among scholars and educated people. We urge you to practice the language which keeps you ahead for the years to come. Kushtia is one of the smallest towns in the country. But it is an important part of the country’s traditions and in the history of our great Liberation War. Besides, handsome Bangla language newspapers are in here. Good numbers of readers are also with theses. Many of always felt an English newspaper from here. However, it is no doubt a challenge. We would like to take it. A number of people of different walks of life already have appreciated us. We thank them. We thank the readers, well wishers, agents and hawkers.

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