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Banan Andolon now on platform

Published on: May 30th, 2020 2:59 PM

The KT Correspondent/

‘Banan Andolon, an online platform to promote of Bangla spelling movement based on Bangla language is now on its own website. The movement was launched on Friday (May 29) night through live video on the official Facebook group of the movement.

Earlier ‘Banan Andolon’ started discussion on social media Facebook for last several days. This Facebook group, which was formed with the aim of promoting the correct use of Bengali words and the correct use of the language, became a virtual organization by announcing the website as an online platform for language practice & research.

Writer and Novelist Oahad Sabuj is the the entrepreneur and CEO of the institution.

Regarding the website, Oahad Sabuj said, ‘Through this platform, a field of Bengali grammar, Bengali spelling and pronunciation of Bengali words as well as pure practice and research of Bengali language as a whole will be opened.” From school-college-university students to Bengali language researchers, everyone will have the opportunity to benefit from it. This whole language learning-research activity will be completely open. People will get the opportunity to practice the language here without any money.’ is being overseen by Rejbul Islam, co-founder and head of IT.
Earlier, in 2015, a Facebook group named ‘Banan Andolon’ was formed and the journey of this activity started with the aim of ensuring the correct use of Bangla language.

In April this year, the final decision was taken to create a platform for Bangla language practice and research online.

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