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Infection on rise in Khulna division

Published on: May 30th, 2020 4:12 PM

The KT Correspondent/

The number of people infected with Cvirus is increasing in 10 districts in Khulna division almost every day.  

Meanwhile, the number has crossed 500. Of them, 6 have already been died, 92 people undergoing treatment in different hospitals and 198 people have recovered.

The Khulna Divisional Health Director’s Office said this on Friday (May 29) evening.

On Thursday the number was 476. It was reached in 500 on Friday. On the day, 6 people were found Corona infected in Khulna PCR lab and 18 people in PCR lab of Kushtia Medical College.

There are three PCR labs in 10 districts of Khulna division. These are PCR Lab of Khulna Medical College, PCR Lab of Jashore University of Science and Technology and PCR Lab of Kushtia Medical College. The first corona patient was identified in the division on March 19 in Chuadanga district.

Of the 10 districts in the division, Jashore district has the highest incidence of corona virus and Meherpur district has the lowest. Earlier, three people died in Khulna, two in Bagerhat, one in Narail, one in Bagerhat and one in Chuadanga.

Since March 10, 36,057 people were kept in quarantine in different districts of the division. Of them, 29,006 people have been given clearance after 14 days of quarantine. The rest are still in quarantine.

Khulna Divisional Health Director Rasheda Sultana said committees have been formed in every district of Khulna division to deal with Corona. The committees are working to address the situation. If the symptoms of the victims are not high, they are being treated at home. And if the symptoms are more, they are being brought to the hospital for treatment. 

Research is being done on those who are returning home healthy.

Tapas Kumar Sarkar, resident medical officer (RMO) Kushtia General Hospital that that the sudden increase in Kushtia was a matter of concern. He called upon the administration to inquire about the people coming to Kushtia from other districts. He said the number of patients in Kushtia is increasing due to uncontrolled inter-district connectivity.

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