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Emirates initiative for kids

Published on: May 30th, 2020 12:59 PM

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Emirates Airline launched a special activity page on its website to provide entertainment to the kids worldwide amid the ongoing routine education suspension.

The Emirates ‘Fly With me Animals’ colouring books have been digitised as families can take advantage of colourful puzzles, stories and activities featuring friendly, familiar faces – all from the comfort of their own home, said a press release on Friday.

Familes and friends can remain connected by sending a special message to those near and far, using one of the easily downloadable postcards or keep the most treasured snaps in a downloadable photo frame featuring the much-loved animals.

Kids can learn to bake a tasty treat with a yummy banana cake recipe or go on an adventure with the Animals in a series of videos for children.

The Fly with me Animals activity magazines are also available to download and each issue is filled with puzzles and games making learning fun. Those missing the cuddly travel companions, can still visit the Emirates Official Store to purchase the toys and take them home.

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